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What is Take Me To Ibiza?

The ultimate Ibiza holiday, your way! We organise everything, the ACCOMMODATION, the PARTIES & a bunch of SURPRISES along the way. We are not like most packages in Ibiza; why? Well, WE TAILOR OUR PACKAGES ON WHAT YOU LOVE. Whether you want a tour all planned out with other travelers or you want to take each day as it comes.

♡ PERSONALISED PACKAGES: Based on what you love
$  FLEXIBILITY: We work around your plans & budget
♫ PARTY: Your fav DJ’s at the world’s most famous clubs
✓ STAY: Accommodation at one of Ibiza’s finest hotels or villas
☼ PLAY: See the sights, there is way more to Ibiza than partying

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Why Ibiza?ibiza-tables

If you love electronic music then no doubt the party capital of the world Ibiza is on your bucket list. Every year millions flock to the white isle to experience the best DJ’s in some of the world’s most famous and awarded clubs. There are more than 7 parties to choose from every night of the week in summer with production being unlike anything you have ever seen before.

It’s not just about the partying though, Ibiza has one of the most amazing sunsets you will ever see with a stunning coastline and more than 50 beaches to visit. Wait until you see some of the sights of Ibiza including Formentera, Es Vedra and Dalt Vila; the island has so much to offer.

It’s the place where the world ends! Nostradamus predicted that Ibiza will be Earth’s final refuge. It has been said that due to prevailing winds it would be the only place to sustain life after a nuclear fallout. That’s a pretty good excuse to go to Ibiza don’t you think?

There is also a pretty good chance you will spot a celebrity. With your favourite DJ’s like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Carl Cox and many more holding residencies, you are likely to spot someone during your stay. Other stars including Justin Beiber, Kate Moss, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Zac Efron and Jared Leto are all regulars in Ibiza.




activity ibiza

Things to do in Ibiza?

PARTY: Every year millions flock to the white isle to experience the best DJ’s in some of the world’s most famous clubs. The production is  unlike anything you have ever seen before. There is something for everyone’s musical taste, every night of the week in Ibiza.  On our custom quote form we ask you your favorite music to help us plan an itinerary with parties we know you will love. To make your life easier we also have a party calendar to help you plan your stay. Read more here

SIGHTS & ACTIVITIES: There is so much more to Ibiza than partying. Too many people come to this magical island and don’t even see sunlight as they party all night and sleep all day. Do not let this be you. Check out some of the beautiful sites like the magical Es Vedra or the medieval castle in the old town. Are you little bit adventurous? Why not go rock jumping in the beautiful turquoise waters or hire a jet ski. Read more here. 

BEACHES: There are nearly 50 beaches in Ibiza all with their own charm. Whether you want to work on your tan, make new friends or get amongst the local culture there is a beach for you in Ibiza. We can say we have finally been to them all and we do have a few favorites. Read more here. 

RESTAURANTS & BARS: There are so many restaurants and bars in Ibiza but how will you choose where to go? We have selected our favorites to help you have the most amazing Ibiza experience. Read more here. 



Where to stay in Ibiza?jet apartments ibiza

There are 4 main areas people stay in when coming to Ibiza however there are many areas in between that are also popular especially in you are staying in a villa. The 4 common areas to stay in are Ibiza Town, Figueretas, Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio.


Should I stay in a villa or hotel?

Both experiences will be completely different. The options are endless. If there is a large group of you having a villa is great and can ultimately work out much cheaper but hotels are also great to meet other people and tend to be closer to the action.

We pride ourselves on offering you the very best experience so we have only selected the very best value your money hotels and villas. When we provide the personalised package quote to you we will include a detailed description on the accommodation we have selected for you based on the information you provided us with.

Learn more about accommodation options here



where is ibiza

Where is Ibiza?

Ibiza is located in the Mediterranean Sea on the coast of Spain about 80km from Valencia (eastern Spain). Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands. You can fly to Ibiza from most airports in Europe or you can catch a ferry from a few nearby ports. The highest point is 475 metres above sea level.


 How big is Ibiza?

Ibiza is over 5 times of the size of Mykonos in Greece. However Ibiza isn’t a huge island being only 45km long and 25km wide (571 km²); nearby island Majorca is 6 times the size! You can get to most places in Ibiza within an hour by car. You could easily drive around the entire island in a day. We recommend a few days of exploring at least however there are more than 50 beaches. Ibiza has a population of more than 111.000.


How do I say ibiza?

This is a really common question so don’t be embarrassed. No matter how you say it everyone will know what you mean. However, the most common way to say Ibiza is (e-beeth-a) or (e-beets-a). The Catalan way to say/spell it is Eivissa (ei-vis-ah).


 Do I need to know Spanish in Ibiza?spanish ibiza hello

Most people in Ibiza speak English so you will be fine but it’s a bit of fun to mix with the locals. Some key words that might come in handy are:
-Hello = Hola (o-la)
-Goodbye = Adios (a-dyos)
-My name is = Me llamo (me lya-mo)
-How are you? = Que tal (ke tal)
-Please = Por Favor (por-fa-vor)
-Thank you = Gracias (gra-thyas)
-You’re welcome = De nada (de-na-da)
-Yes = si (see)     -No = No
-Excuse me/sorry = Perdon (per-don)
-Cheers = Salud (sa-loo)
-How much = Cuanto cuesta  (kwan-to kwes-ta)
-Do you speak English? = Habla Ingles (ab-la een-gles)
-I don’t speak Spanish = No Hablo espanol (no ablo es-pa-nyol)



When should I come to Ibiza?

The clubbing season really kicks off in the middle of May until the start of October. The opening and closing parties are some of the best parties to go to. For example it’s the only time Space will expand into the car park, open air style like the old days.

During the winter most places close for renovations but Pacha and some other smaller venues are open all year round for the locals.

If you’re a real music lover the International Music Summit (IMS) at the end of May is a great time to come and it is timed with the opening parties of some of the biggest clubs.

August is the busiest and hottest month and prices can often be through the roof but don’t let this deter you there are just more people to party and make friends with. The first weekend of August is exceptionally busy with the BBC Radio 1 event.

No matter when you come to Ibiza you are going to have the most amazing time.



 restaurants eating out in ibiza

Whats is eating out like in Ibiza?

The food: Make sure you try some of the local food and drink while you are eating out. There is of course plenty of food varieties including Italian, Mexican, Indian etc but you haven’t experienced the real Spain until you try the famous paella. Some restaurants will make up a huge paella which will be on display as you arrive. Take your pick from meats, seafood or vegetables with traditional saffron rice. Tapas are also very popular in Ibiza, they are great if you are sharing with a group of people.

The drinks: As for the drinks sangria is incredibly popular which is usually red wine with spirits, liqueurs and chopped fruit. A must try is the typical drink of Ibiza, Hierbas. It has been on the island for hundreds of years. It has an aniseed taste and is great served on the rocks after a meal as it aids digestion. Also be careful the drinks are typically very strong especially if the bar tender likes you!

Dietary issues: There are so many fantastic places to eat in Ibiza. There is something for everyone’s taste in food whether you like to eat organic, are vegan/vegetarian, gluten/lactose intolerant etc. If you have special dietary needs please let us know in your booking and we will make sure we provide you with a list of places that provide options.

Opening times: The timing of restaurants being open is a shock to some as dinner tends to start quite late due to the Spanish siesta. Restaurants in Ibiza are open for lunch from approximately 1pm to 4pm and for dinner from approximately 8pm until late.

The water: The tap water in most parts of Ibiza is quite salty although it isn’t unsafe to drink but it would do little for your hydration. Water isn’t expensive at all so buying bottled water is best. In the clubs it is a different story though, water isn’t free and can sometimes be the same price as buying an alcoholic drink. Be careful and make sure you stay hydrated.

Tipping: This is not expected in Spain however many waiters rely on their tips to make a living so if they give you great service a 10% tip is appreciated.

We know Ibiza’s restaurants and café’s back to front. If you want to organise to eat out make sure you speak with your host who can organise everything for you. You can also check out some of our favorite restaurants & bars here.



how much to bring to ibizaHow much money should you bring to Ibiza?

If you have heard that Ibiza isn’t cheap well you are right. If you are on a budget 100 Euros ($150AUD/75 Pounds) per night will be just about enough for accommodation, parties and eating 3 meals a day but expect to spend a lot more if you are buying drinks in the clubs or want a 5 star hotel.

Clubbing tickets range from €40 to €80. Be very careful of the promoters giving you wristbands that claim to be free. They often are only reduced entry or if they are free the clubs have the right to cancel the free bands at any time.

Drinks in nightclubs range from between €9 to €25. Water isn’t cheap in clubs either €7 to €12 but please make sure you stay hydrated. The tap water is so salty, so buying bottled water is best.

We can also organize VIP tables for you which if there is a big group ultimately works out much cheaper for you. VIP tables start from about €200 per person but that includes your club entry and enough alcohol the last you the night. Going VIP for at least one night is a must have experience.

The average meal ranges from €12 to €25 depending on where you are eating, if you head into Ibiza Town food is much cheaper but in the tourist spots expect to pay more.

line ups in ibiza


What is the currency used in Ibiza?

The currency used in Ibiza (Spain) is Euros €. Exchange rates change daily so we recommend you check this. As a general rule to work out pounds minus 50% and for AUD add 50%. US is currently about the same as Euros.



Are there big line ups to the clubs in Ibiza?

During the opening parties in late May/June, the high season in August and the closings in late September you would have to be extremely lucky to not be in a line for at least 10 minutes. To try miss the line-up get there early. No one wants to be the first person to arrive so this tends to be the quieter time to arrive . The clubs all open at around midnight (other than the day parties of course). Be careful though some parties require you to enter before a certain time. so make sure you carefully read your ticket/itinerary. The clubs tend to be the busiest at 3am with the headliner playing at this time or a bit later.


what to wear ibizaDo I buy club tickets for Ibiza?

There is a reason we ask you so many questions about your favourite music and DJ’s on our custom quote form. We want to carefully select what clubs and nights to send you to. If you pre-buy your tickets individually you will end up paying a lot more (clubbing tickets range from €40 to €80). By buying a package with us we bundle it all together to ultimately save you money. If you do buy any tickets in Ibiza make sure you carefully check what time you need to arrive as they all vary. Also remember cheapest isn't always best.

What to wear in Ibiza?

Most clubs will not refuse you if you have a ticket however the VIP areas are much stricter. It gets hot in most of the clubs so wearing minimal clothing is ideal. Also be sure to check what events are on. Some parties involve paint fights, foam or a whole lot of water!

For the ladies high heels are ok for some of the clubs however for Privilege, Sankeys, Ushuaia and Amnesia it’s not recommended unless you are in the VIP areas. Mind you it can be done. Enclosed shoes are definitely recommended at some of the raves like Music On and Circo Loco or your toes might hate you the next day.


car girl get around ibiza

How to get around in Ibiza?

Ibiza isn’t a huge island being only 45km long and 25km wide. You can get to most places within an hour. Options include:

  • Hire a scooter or a car (ranges from about 35 euros a day)
  • Disco Bus – the disco bus usually starts at about midnight taking you to all the clubs and finishes most nights at 6am. They are a great way to meet new people and a lot of fun. It will cost you approx. €3 each way dropping you off right at all of the clubs. Find out more about the disco bus here
  • Regular bus services – If you want to do some shopping or check out some of the sites the buses are very reliable however they do take quite a long time. Will cost you about €2 each way. Check out the official website for the bus here
  • Taxi – Catching a taxi is a very safe and an affordable way to get around in Ibiza. However do not take the illegal taxi’s. You will know they are illegal as they are un-marked and often the driver will approach you while you are lining up for a taxi. Taxi’s can be difficult to get around 1am when everyone is flocking to the clubs and also when the clubs close usually around 6am. From Playa Den Bossa to San Antonio would be no more than €30.



nervo crowd shot ushuaia ibiza 2

Where can I find celebrities in ibiza?

Forget Hollywood, Ibiza is filled celebs. Is Ibiza the new Hollywood? We wouldn't go that far but you can find the Ibiza walk of fame out the front of the Ushuaia Beach Hotel in Playa D’en Bossa and if you are lucky you may spot one the of the celebrities that flock to Ibiza every year for a vacation. Many even call Ibiza their home for the summer. Some choose to stay in one of the multi million euro villas while other sail around the island in their fancy yachts.

Past stars have included P. Diddy, Leonardo Di Caprio, Lindsay Lohan, Erica Packer, Paris Hilton, Michelle Rodriguez, Kate Hudson, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Madonna, the Kardashians, Kayne West and of course the DJ’s that hold residencies at all the clubs that fly in every week in their private jets.

Where might you spot them? Well they could be anywhere but some places you are likely to see them is Blue Marlin. The Jockey Club, Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Pacha, Cipriani and KM5. Cipriani is where Justin Bieber and Orlanda Bloom had a fight a few years ago over Miranda Kerr. Of course if there are celebrities to be seen we will be sure know all about it. Be sure to follow our social media networks to stay up to date with the latest Ibiza news.




What should I bring to Ibiza?suitcase

The most important thing to bring to Ibiza is a whole lot of energy to party day and night. However you may also like to consider bringing some of the below:

  • Go Pro
  • Travel adaptor
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Electrolytes
  • Passport photocopy (to carry around on you)
  • International money card loaded with Euros
  • Copies of all of your travel documents
  • Spanish translator
  • Waterproof mascara
  • Eye drops
  • Bikini or board shorts
  • Comfortable dancing shoes
  • Condoms
  • Bring at least one fancy outfit for when you hit VIP
  • Suitcase locks


passport visa ibizaDo I need insurance in Ibiza?

It is very important to make sure you have travel insurance before coming to Ibiza or anywhere in the world for that matter. If you injure yourself and you are not insured your medical fees can be very expensive. Theft is also a big issue in Ibiza and if you are one of the unlucky ones that this happens to you want to make sure your belongings are covered. If you are unsure of who to organise insurance through we are more than happy to recommend our preferred suppliers to you.

Do I need a visa in Ibiza?

All countries will be different so we recommend you seek advice as we are not experts in this area. We do however recommend that you have 6 months validity on your passport or you may be denied entry. You may also need to show you have enough funds to support yourself throughout your stay. Most countries will allow people to enter the Schengen area of Europe for up to 90 days if you are not a citizen of the EU.



What are the laws in Ibiza?no sleeping on the beach in ibiza

Laws are constantly changing so be sure to always veer on the side of caution if you are unsure. A few basic rules to consider:

-It’s illegal to sleep on the beach
-You must be over 18 to drink alcohol
-Drinking alcohol on the street is illegal
-You can be arrested if drunk and disorderly
-Must be over 16 to buy tobacco
-Abide by the speed limits on the roads
-Wear your seat belt in both the front and back seats of a car
-To rent a car you must be 21 over but for mopeds 18 plus
-Some clubs ask for ID so make sure you carry this (most clubs are 18 plus)
-Carry ID (ideally passport) If the police cannot identify you they may take you to the station
-Drinking and driving is illegal with severe penalties
-Do not take illegal taxis
-Drugs - there is a law in place not permitting drugs to be used in a public place but it is not considered a crime. In saying that if they believe you are dealing drugs it is a very different ball game. We do not recommend the use of drugs under any circumstances it’s not worth the risk of getting caught or your safety

is ibiza safeIs Ibiza safe?

Just like anywhere in the world there is always dangers to be careful of. Ibiza overall is a very safe place. They have one of the lowest crime rates in Western Europe believe it or not. Make sure you have travel insurance to protect you should you become injured or have anything stolen. Some key things to be mindful of:

-Stay hydrated: Ibiza is very hot and if you are partying a lot you need to make sure you keep your fluids up.

-Many hotels and villas have balconies. Be careful, too many people have fallen and been seriously injured. Most definitely do not attempt to jump into the pool from your balcony.

-Theft can occur in Ibiza. Make sure you lock your accommodation doors and windows and if you have padlocks for your suitcases use them. When making your way around Ibiza don’t put your bag down and make sure it is always zipped.

-If you go on a boat party they can be very slippery and if you are drunk you could slip over and hurt yourself or fall over board. Be careful!

-Many people in Ibiza use drugs. We do not recommend the use of drugs. Your life isn’t worth loosing. There were over 18,000 drugs seizures recorded last year in Ibiza don’t let this be you.


 How do I make payment?payment ibiza

We have various payment options available. Our preferred option is via Transferwise as there are little to no fees and the currency conversion is better than most banks. Transferwise allows you to pay in any currency you choose via credit card or bank transfer.

For villas sometimes you will be required to pay the villa owner direct but this will be discussed with you when we send you your customized quote.

PayPal is of course an option but fees will be much higher for you so we do not recommend this. We want to save you as much money as possible to spend on your holiday :)



We hope that we have answered all of your questions that you might have about Ibiza. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us at: letsgo@takemetoibiza.com. Also on our social media and in our blog we will be sharing lots of useful information about Ibiza.

We looking forward to meeting you and partying with you in Ibiza.