David Gtronic launches the Tervisio imprint

David Gtronic launches the Tervisio imprint February 2017 with the ‘Cheska’ EP, comprising three original cuts and a remix from IULY.B. The past few years have seen a meteoric rise for David Gtronic as part of Hector’s Vatos Locos crew, releasing material on the label both solo and with fellow label affiliate IULY.B as well as touring the globe with the Vatos Locos events.

Here though we see David mark the inauguration of Tervisio, a vinyl only platform launched out of his current base in Ibiza. Title-track ‘Cheska’ opens the release with intricately processed, stripped-back percussion, which  delicately unfolds across the compositions seven and a half minutes to create a subtle, percussiveled dance floor workout. ‘All Good Here’ follows and lays the focus on rumbling sub bass tones, airy filtered pad sweeps and raw chord sequences this time round whilst soft swinging percussive hits ebb and flow throughout the groove.

IULY.B’s rework of ‘All Good Here’ follows, reinterpreting the original into a dubbed out, murky cut via swirling delays and shuffled rhythms before ‘DRZN’ closes the package on a smooth and hypnotic tip.

David Gtronic’s ‘Cheska’ is out on Tervisio 10th February 2017.


1. Cheska

2. All Good Here

3. All Good Here (IULY.B Remix)