VIBE IBIZA where you and the music become one

Feel the VIBE at SANKEYS Ibiza with FORMAT: B, AKA AKA, ARADO and more

May 18 sees the opening of VIBE IBIZA bringing you the best electronic sound to Ibiza’s no.1 underground club, SANKEYS! 102 and CAPADI REBELS are at it again coming together to bring you an unforgettable party where the music speaks.

vibeThe head of the VIBE is FORMAT: B. They have been ruling dancefloors more than 10 years across the globe, most recently playing side by side with JOSEPH CAPRIATTI and the master himself, CARL COX in Australia. Over the years they have had tune after tune with “Chunky” recently conquering England’s clubs and becoming Ibiza’s most searched on Shazam!

But wait there’s more! Talented AKA AKA are coming with their trademark sound ready to blow your dopamine levels through the roof. The always open, fun and engaging Berlin duo are considered to be kings of entertainment with their club hit “Woody Woodpecker” on OLIVER KOLETZKIS label STIL VOR TALENT taking them to the top. Get ready for an endorphin overload.

102 resident DJ ARADO will take you on the “Uganda Express” and infect you with the Arado bug for an excessive set. He has had an array of releases with DESOLAT, MOON HARBOUR, AVOTRE and SNATCH RECORDS. In 2010 he was resident at SPACE Ibiza and has since been touring around Europe. ARADOs second home base is Italy playing at TENAX and TINI-SOUNDGARDEN.

Supported by Miami’s HARDLINE and VIBE resident KAN.E.

The Spektrum will be hosted by OCEANBEAT!