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We've partnered with the best Ibiza tours with thousands of happy customers over the years. Your accommodation, parties & activities are planned for you for one fixed price. Choose from Ibiza only tours or ones that include other parts of Europe.

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  • Together Week Tour (June-September)

    Together Week Tour (June-September)

    • Price:weekly prices from €271

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  • The Ibiza Fantasy Tour (June-September)

    The Ibiza Fantasy Tour (June-September)

    • Price:2019 pounds / 2759 euros / $4199aud

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  • Euro Super City Tour (August-September)

    Euro Super City Tour (August-September)

    • Price:1523 pounds / 1957 euros / $2942aud

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  • Spanish Fiesta (September)

    Spanish Fiesta (September)

    • Price:799 pounds / 1027 euros / $1543aud

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  • Europe Entourage (September)

    Europe Entourage (September)

    • Price:1449 pounds / 1999 euros / $3000aud

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  • House of Madness (September)

    House of Madness (September)

    • Price:from €599 per guest

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